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Join Hellodesk as a host and monetize your unused office space.

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One time setup fee - $200

Waived off for first 100 hosts or until 12/31/2022

Have an unused office space but still paying rent?

Hellodesk is like Airbnb for meeting rooms and private offices. If you have an underutilized workspace, consider hosting it on Hellodesk and letting it offset your office rent. !

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How it works?

List your workspaces

Set your price and availability, add photos and details, choose your own schedule and requirements. We’re there to help along the way.

Guests Book Your Space

Once booked, guests receive details of the space, Wifi information and instructions and you’ll receive a notification that the space has been booked. Guests use the space at the reservation time.

You get paid

Guests are charged upfront through Hellodesk's secure payment system. Your payout is directly deposited once a month, or you receive a check, less our commission & payment processing fees.

Why become a host?

You benefit four ways by becoming a host - 1) Put unused space for productive use, 2) Make money from our guests traveling to your city, 3) Network with new potential customers and benefit your primary businesses, 4) Meet new awesome people.

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Frequently asked questions?

How does the host signup work?
You use this page, make an account and complete the Hosting signup page. One of our team members reviews your information, and if all the terms and conditions are met, we complete your host signup and set up an onboarding zoom call to launch your first listing together.

Are their upfront costs for me to signup?
Not at this time. We have a one-time setup fee of $200 for new hosts that we have waived off for the first 200 hosts or until 01/31/2023, whichever comes first. Apart from this, we make money only when you make money. See our answer to the last questions on this page to find out % commission we charge and how we use it.

Who are these guests that will book my offices or meeting rooms?
The pandemic has made remote work ubiquitous, and many people are working while traveling because now they can; however, all the work cannot happen outside the office. Sometimes teams need to meet in a room, and others require a private, close-door office to have a zoom call with investors. These professionals are willing to pay for the offices by the hour in exchange for the flexibility it brings by not being bound to a place. Our hosting program beings a win-win value for everyone.

How much can I charge?
Depends on the location and the demand. For example, in Downtown Monterey, a $35 per hour for a private office or a meeting room of 6 people does well. You need to test pricing in your area. We will work with you to set up a suitable price for your city.

How do I get paid? Does Hellodesk keeps a % from the booking revenue?
Hellodesk gives you a monthly check after deducting our commission and the credit card transaction charges. At this time, we use Stripe to process payments, and they keep 2.9% + 30 cents on each transaction for payment processing.
We keep a 30% commission while you, the host, get 70% of the remaining amount after Stripe. We use our share of 30% to market your location on the internet, and keep our servers up and running.

Have more questions?

Write to us at host@hellodesk.com or call at (831)200-4286.